Design and Architecture

Design and Inspiration

A marvel and a first in the country, FCB Mihrab will change the skyline of Nairobi and set precedence for the Architecture of the country through creating a corporate haven for its clients.

What better way to establishing a balance between Islamic values and that of secularity than through the ‘mihrab’; which symbolizes an archway, gateway or portal, an entry into a new domain of purity and goodness; an icon representing the niche in the wall. The ‘Mihrab’ from where the leader stands to proclaim ethical practices, the domain from which the voice is amplified.

Crossing Over

Water is a universal symbol of change, purity, serenity and sanctity. FCB Mihrab offers our clients exactly that, through our architects’ incorporation of a bridge that allows one to cross over into the building. This very act symbolizes the movement from the norm to attaining greater heights through association with our building; where we have fathomed our clients need and ensured that the building has incorporated the latest technologies, security and environmental features that will go a long way in setting the pace for buildings to come.

Bridge Shot

Infinity Pattern

FCB Mihrab floor layout takes on an intricate floral pattern anchored at a common center representing the various business sectors that would occupy the building who all strive for a common goal; excellence.